Tamed a wild stallion at age thirteen.  Learned the sciences, philosophy and literature at the Academy of Aristotle.  Appointed regent of his nation and won his first battle at age sixteen.  Vanquished the armies of Athens and Thebes alongside his father, King Philip II, in the Battle of Chaeronea at age eighteen.  And at age twenty, having lost his father at the hands of an assassin, elected by the army to be King of Macedonia.  Among the many early accomplishments and events of world history’s greatest warrior-king: Alexander the Great.  Experience the adolescent years, the early evolution of Alexander through his eyes and from inside his mind, viewing his world as an actor on a stage.  IN THE THEATER OF THE WORLD takes you on a candid and intimate journey into the life of the Macedonian warrior-prince, narrated by Alexander himself.  He shares with you his family and parents, his friends and his quintessential friendship with the youth Hephaestion, his ambitions, his joys and struggles, all not so different from the 21st century teenager.  “Take from my reminiscence what you wish,” says Alexander, “for I have withheld nothing, revealing all of my phases, light and dark...”




Blair Parkinson, Cartographer


Original Drawing by C Benjamin Tracy, 1985


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She Came, She Saw, She Conquered
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New Novel Offers Unique Perspective On The Making Of Alexander The Great
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Filip V Makedonski: Prv del

Filip V Makedonski: Vtor del

Cetirite Makedonsko - Rimski Vojni












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